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Building Use Approval Process


​1.  The purpose of use including any event content must not conflict with The Well Worship Center Ministries mission and core values.

2.  Rental of the TWWCM facility will be limited to approved facility areas. Other areas in the building may be scheduled for other purposes at the same time.

3.  Rental Request & Approval:

  • Complete the Building Use Policy & Rental Agreement Form (this form) to start the rental process and submit it to Keosha Montgomery, Office Administrator at TWWCM.

  • The deposit (see amount below) will be required to secure the facility. TWWCM reserves the right to keep the deposit if there is breakage, damage, or failure to restore the building to its original condition.

  • FINAL PAYMENT is due the week of the event.

Building Use Policy


1.  TWWCM functions and activities have priority over other renters. Rental applications are considered in the order received.

2.  In the case of ongoing use, such as weekly or monthly rental of facilities, TWWCM reserves the right to preempt the use. In such cases, at least two weeks advance notice will be sent to the contact person for the group.

3,  Freestanding candles, devices that might overload electrical circuits, or anything else that might be deemed a fire hazard are prohibited.

4.  No alcoholic beverages or controlled substances are allowed in the building in the parking lot or surrounding land. Smoking is not allowed in any part of the building or immediately outside our facility.

5.  Nothing may be attached to walls, pews, ceilings, or floors that might damage them. All decorations must be removed.

6.  Renters must remain in areas specified in the agreement and are responsible for keeping group participants confined to those areas.

7.  Children may be present only in the direct care of responsible adults. They must never be left unattended on church premises at any time.

8.  After each event, upon leaving the building, you must make certain that:

  • All lights and appliances are off.

  • All doors are locked.

  • Garbage and trash are disposed of properly in dumpsters on the west side of the church.

  • The room is returned to its condition before the meeting – including the arrangement of tables and chairs.

  • The floor is swept.  

9.  TWWCM assumes no responsibility for the use of the building and facilities by the tenant and has no liability to the user for such use. Further, the user agrees to indemnify and hold TWWCM harmless from all third-party claims, liability, or damages arising out of such.

10.  TWWCM reserves the right to cancel or change this agreement at any time due to ministry activities and needs.


Rental Deposit & Fees

  1. The facility is considered reserved when the deposit is made.

  2. Upon submission of the form admin will determine the deposit based on the dates selected and other rental options and contact the renter with the deposit amount.  

  3. Please make deposits using our CASHAPP.  Our Cashapp handle is $WELLWORSHP

Signed by Person Responsible for Event: Agrees to The Well Worship Center Ministries building regulations.




Audio Visual Technican (Required) $25.00 per hour
Video Capture of Event? $25.00 Per Event
Would you like a flyer to be created for you? $25.00 per flyer
Use of video monitor in te sanctuary?

·       If you desire music to be used during your event, the title and artist of the song need to be provided to TWWCM 24 hours before the event.

·       If you desire video capture of the event will be uploaded to a USB device and delivered to the renter after the event.

·       If you desire a flyer someone from the media department will contact you to get all relevant information.

Thanks for submitting!

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